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The Wild Fav's - Safe Sunscreens for the Whole Family

(NOTE: These are completely my opinions - this post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with any of these brands - just in case you're wondering! I've simply tried a million and wanted to share the ones I like!)

Back when I first became a mom, I began researching the products I was using on Ben...and it sort of spiraled into a passion for finding safe products for every aspect of our life. I'm by no means 'done', it's something I will always be learning about, but I love to share about this when I can. It's SO important.

I could get into a lot of the 'why' behind this, and I'm sure I will one day, but I'll try to summarize. Basically, most of the products you can find on a typical drug store shelf contain chemicals. Some chemicals are fine, but some are not. Some have been scientifically proven (yes, proven!) to be linked to cancer, or disrupt hormones, or even minor things like cause allergic reactions. To me, the cancer thing was enough to spark the research.

Here's my biggest request for you moms. When you're buying something new, or you need to replace something, consider replacing it with something safer. Safer for you, your babies, and also safer for animals an the environment. You would be shocked at how many products (name brands you use daily) are still testing on animals. It's completely unnecessary.

ANYWAY! Today I'm sharing with you some sunscreens that I have used, that are safe, and that are readily available to buy online or locally at a health store or a better grocery store. Even if you don't want to look into all the research, that's ok! Consider this your shopping guide!

Here are our top favourite safe sunscreens:

  1. Tom's Of Maine Baby Sunscreen - Tom's is a wonderful company and they have high quality, safe ingredients. Love that there are no fragrances! 
  2. Kiss My Face Sun Spray Lotion - Water resistant and free of the harmful stuff. 
  3. Alba Botanica Sunscreen Spray (*TOP FAV*) - Ok, this one of my absolute FAV, and the one I buy again and again. This has a more milky consistency, which smooths on SO easily and dries quickly, so kids don't complain about that greasy feeling. 
  4. Honest Mineral Sunscreen - As with all Honest products, these ingredients are simple and safe. This lotion is creamy, and it's really great for tender newborn skin. 
  5. Jason Natural Kids Sunscreen - Super easy to apply and completely safe.
  6. Cetaphil Dermacontrol Moisturizer - This one's just for the moms! I use this every single day, even through the winter. They have a few versions, and while this isn't a 'natural' brand, it's clean and free of harmful ingredients, even being listed as a safe option on EWG's list of safe sunscreens.
  7. Badger Sunscreen Cream - This is a more thick cream, but this brand is one of the cleanest out there. I had to include it, and I highly recommend you check out their entire line of products. It's wonderful stuff.
  8. BabyGanics Sunscreen Spray - Really easy to apply, absorbs well, love this brand.

If this is something you're also interested in learning more about, here are a few links for you that I've read and really found interesting: