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Motherhood In The Wild - Olivia Murray

Motherhood In The Wild - Olivia Murray of The Om Edit

I had the pleasure of discovering Olivia, the mama and blogger behind The Om Edit, a while back and she has quickly become one of the loveliest people I follow on Instagram. Not only does she have absolutely impeccable style (ahem, she is a stylist, after all), she's also incredibly genuine and shows such a beautiful, real-life view of her motherhood journey. I was so excited to interview her for our Blog Series 'Motherhood In The Wild' and today we are sharing with you everything she shared with us. Please keep reading to hear her candid advice and experiences as a mother, and be sure to follow her Instagram @theomedit for some gorgeous snapshots of Olivia's life as a mom.

Describe for us a typical day in your life as a mother.

I almost feel like we lack typical. Ever since having our son, life has been divided into in-season and off-season. During my husband’s off-season, we have absolutely no routine and kind of “summer vacation” it like school kids (doing every and anything we can fit in). When he’s in season, a typical day consists of just Rheo and I with: slow mornings and homemade breakfasts (which I’m so happy we always get to enjoy), bath and hair because maintaining curls is no joke, followed by time for independent play and pre-school “homeschool” lessons while I tend to emails, before heading out or carrying on with the day. Anything past that is kind of dependent of the day and usually consists of some outing, adventure, or errands (be it household or work related — shooting new content, visiting events/shops/etc., curating wardrobes and so on). I use nap time to work on content or projects for clients, and then get the rest done in the late evening or early morning before it all begins again. I’m thinking once the second baby arrives and our older son begins school in the fall, our “normal” routine will be a little more structured but also more hectic as well.

What have you found to be the biggest surprise about motherhood?

Just how much I would love it and how smoothly the transition came. Until becoming a mother, I somewhat imagined parenting was like a chore. And in some ways, it can feel like all that (the work, the less picturesque moments) but I genuinely find joy every day, in being a parent and have loved the journey more than I ever could’ve imagined. Blowouts, temper tantrums, and all.

What are some of your favourite activities to do with your family?

We can get so busy with commitments, I find the low key things end up being our favourite. Camping out in the living room for movie nights with pizza delivery and no bed time is easily my son’s favourite! Of all the exciting things we’ve done, something so simple still manages to feel like a big deal to him. Also finding new cafes or small authentic restaurants of different cuisines, farmers market runs, or even sight seeing (since we are all too familiar with living different places).

Do you find time for self care? If so, what does that look like?

Not as routinely as I used to, but I try to make an effort towards smaller acts of self-care on the daily, like a coffee and flip through of a favourite magazine — usually a CEREAL mag or guide — at nap time. I also use every Sunday to freshen up things like a manicure or face mask (even if that means putting the boys in one), batch bake muffins and healthy snacks, listen to my favourite playlist instead of kiddie music/shows, and just generally live slow. Routinely choosing a day of nothing has been major in making sure that ever happens, and such a good thing mentally for both myself and the whole household. Aside from that, I try to schedule the occasional trip to the hair salon or dinner with friends because talking to adults is more beneficial than we think when with children all day, but it doesn’t always pan out as often as it once did.

Do you have any favourite books/blogs/podcasts/youtube channels you can’t live without?

I really love ‘Black Girl In Om’ which takes on numerous platforms (blog, social, podcast) inspiring and empowering women of colour in particular, but it’s also just a great place for women alike — promoting mental care, self love, holistic wellness, networking and more. I’m kind of a lifestyle and better living junkie so anything I can get my hands on in that realm is fine by me: Goop, Kinfolk, Well + Good (blog), Hey Girl (podcast by Alex Elle).

Share with us one of your family’s favourite quick and easy dinners.

Our easiest go to is definitely sheet pan fajitas. All it takes is a pot of rice and whatever fillings you like tossed in oil and seasoning, on a baking sheet in the oven. Put out tortilla wraps, salsa, lettuce, cheese, (whatever toppings you like!) and you’ve got a meal. It all comes together in 20 minutes or less, requires minimal hands on and everyone can kind of make theirs as they please.

How do you manage the flow between your role as a mother and everything else in your life?

I’m probably not the best at this one at all. I’ve been at home since becoming a mom and haven’t taken so much as an entire day away since, so admittedly, I probably lack a balance between my son and all other things. But I can definitely say our little one is extremely adjusted to our unique situation and that that’s allowed me to still partake in all the things I love, numerous travels, work, supporting my husband in his career and more. And it’s empowered me to create a life of work and play that allows me to have him on hip or still get enough hours in the day to spend quality time with him (versus giving him what’s left). That being said, I’ll also be ready when my kids are off to school. Chapters of life!

How do you handle the hard days, when being a mother feels like the hardest thing in the world?

We all need a break sometimes — moms, dads, even kids. And we do just that. I try to remember that the world will carry on if I (we) decide to just check out for a day. This is a just a season after all and there is plenty of life left to make up for all the days that nothing productive got done. I find it’s a win (for everyone) if sometimes you drop the “plan”, pack the backpack and head wherever we can find water or sunshine or a fresh breath of air. Those days often end up the best memories too, and that kind of sticks with you moving forwards.

What is one of your favourite things to do after the kids are in bed (assuming they sleep!) and you have a moment to yourself?

Definitely check social media, brew a tea, and catch up on Netflix with my husband — in that order. I wish it was something more interesting, but the little things (uninterrupted no less) and especially together, feel like major rewards these days.

What advice would you give to new mothers?

It gets better! And grace is a wonderful thing, especially if you can keep that in mind. Looking back, I don’t feel like I gave myself much patience or even credit, with a newborn. But the bad days get better and so do the good ones — and looking back, we mostly reminisce on those so I feel like that’s what matters most.