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7 Summer Must-Haves

Summer is in full swing around here! My oldest son Benjamin off for summer break, so summer is a good balance of adventure and PURE CHAOS (moms, you know…) but I’m still loving this fab weather!

We recently took a little break to head up to Muskoka Lake for a cottage vaca and it was glorious. I spent my days reading books, eating fresh fruit, and soaking up as much chill time as I could with two boys wrestling eachother all day long. The usual.

Anyway,  I wanted to share a few things that I’m kind of obsessed with that will make your summer amazing.

  1. All I hear all day every day is that I should be chugging water constantly, so why not have a cute water bottle to do it.
  2. I recently listened to a podcast with the author of this book and I am waiting for my copy in the mail. I realize the irony of this blog post in which I am basically suggesting you go shopping, but I could have suggested 50 items, so 7 is showing some restraint.
  3. The coziest blanket I have ever seen, which may be too pricey to lay on the sand, but I think I would do it anyway.
  4. I have lived in these Birks for two straight summers and I have yet to find a more comfy shoe.
  5. The most gorgeous summer beach bag, big enough to hold all of your things plus a few random toys and goldfish cracker bags.
  6. Chic sunnies, enough said.
  7. This Keep Going Spray by K’Pure is an absolute fav of mine. I spray it every morning, and I can’t get enough. I have the Settle Down Spray too, which is equally wonderful.

So tell me, what are your summer essentials? Tell me all of the things!