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6 Amazing Summer Reads

The Wild - 6 Summer Beach Reads -

Summer is in FULL swing, and to me, that means hitting up the park a lot with my kiddos and bringing a book to read in the shade while Ben and Sawyer run around in the splash pad. I wanted to share some of my recent favs with you all today, because these are PERFECT to toss in your beach bag. There are a lot of thrillers in this bunch, just warning you, ha ha!

  1. Final Girls - Such a juicy thriller about a group of girls who each survived their own respective massacre, thus garnering the label 'Final Girl', but years later one of them is found dead....oh boy it's a page turner. 
  2. Daisy Jones and The Six - If you are an audiobook listener, I highly, highly recommend listening to this one if you can, it's so well done. But either way, this is such a great story about a fictional band in the 70's and what their lives were like as they rose to fame. Can't WAIT until this is made into a movie...
  3. Everything I Never Told You - So everyone is always talking about Celeste Ng's other novel Little Fires Everywhere (which was fab) but I honestly loved this one more. This is the story of a family in the 70's who experience a terrible tragedy. The way this story is woven is so wonderful, I truly could not put it down.
  4. The Silent Patient - When I read the back of this book, I was desperate to read it, and it did NOT disappoint. This novel centers around a woman with a seemingly 'perfect' life, who one day out of nowhere kills her husband, and then doesn't speak a word ever again. The story then follows the criminal psychotherapist who is trying to uncover the real story. This one is such a wild ride, i absolutely loved it!
  5. I'll Never Tell - In not quite finished this one yet, but I'm savouring every minute of it so far, and you guys, it takes place at a summer camp. So it's absolute perfection. In this book, the owners of a summer camp have passed away, and their now adult children all return to camp to find out the details of what will happen to the property. Their father has left a really strange note to them as part of his will, mentioning how he believed one of the siblings had something to do with the death of a camper years ago. I am so happy I picked this one up, so many summer vibes PLUS a good mystery is kind of everything.
  6. The Girls - They don't come right out and say it, but this book is basically a fictional account of a young girl who was hanging out with the Manson family, and it's soooo addictive. I finished this one in a day, so good!

So tell us, what are you currently reading?? Let me know in the comments below! P.S. If you're on GoodReads add me!