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10 Ways You Can Help Your Child Get Back Into A School Rhythm

10 Ways You Can Help Your Child Get Back Into A School Rhythm

Back to school is such a hectic time, full of ALL the emotions, and as parents, we know how it can sometimes be tough getting back into the routine of the school year. From a bedtime that has been pushed back hours over the summer, to a bit of back-to-school nervousness, lots of little things can get in the way of a smooth transition. We want to share with you some tips about helping your child get back into the rhythm of the school year in a fun, anxiety-free way.

10 Ways You Can Help Your Child Get Back Into the School Year Rhythm:

  1. Practice those school year routines. A bit before school starts, dig out that old dusty alarm clock and start the wake-up/bedtime routines you want to have in place on that first day back. That way it’s old news when the first day rolls around. Plus, it puts a focus on getting a good amount of sleep, which will be so crucial to success in those first few weeks of fall. It’s also a great idea to start talking about morning and after school routines, which will not only keep you sane, but will also to teach and encourage organization in their days too.
  2. Plan a get together with a familiar face. Invite one of their school friends over for a play date before school starts back up. It will be so nice for them to see someone on that first day that they were just spending time with, and will also make them feel excited about seeing their friend on the first day back.
  3. Get them excited! Focus on the fun aspects, get them involved in things like picking out a new backpack, planning their first day outfit, making the lunch food lists. Show them how exciting these little details can be and they will pick up on your enthusiasm and hopefully feel some too.
  4. Give yourself a LOT of extra time. At the beginning of the year, you will be so happy you set that alarm half an hour early just to give you and your kids a buffer of time. A rushed morning is stressful for everyone, especially kids. When they aren’t rushed, they feel more calm by default, and get to start their day in the best way possible.
  5. Keep breakfast time a tech-free space. Believe me, there are many mornings that I’m so busy getting things ready, I prefer to throw on a tv show just to get things done. But your kids so quickly can get into that tv zone where they aren’t paying attention to anything else and they have lost focus on getting themselves ready for the day. So have them sit and eat breakfast and chat with them while you pack those lunches and get the final things you need ready for the day.
  6. Do as much as possible the night before. Wouldn’t it be the best if lunches were already packed, outfits were picked, and you could literally just have a nice breakfast every morning with them? This is a dream you can make happen!!! Even better, get them involved so they learn how god planning can make life so much easier.
  7. Plan out really nutritious, yummy lunches, and make them easy to eat. I’ve mentioned this before, but kids are often rushed through lunch time, or get distracted and find themselves not having enough time to eat. Make their foods super easy to eat so that they are getting the nourishment they need each day. They have so much to think about in those early days being back at school, and being hangry doesn’t need to be one of them!
  8. Spend a lot of quality family time together after school. In the early weeks of the fall, they are really feeling the transition from easy, laid-back summer to the hectic schedule of classes. Keep evenings relaxed and focus on being together as a fam. Talk about school, read together, soak up that special time you have with them. Resist the temptation to overschedule this time. Being with you is what they want and need most.
  9. Let your kids express any nerves or anxiety they are feeling. As a sufferer of anxiety, this is something that means so much to me. If your child is scared, nervous, or worried, let them know that it’s OK to feel that way. Don’t dismiss it, or tell them ‘oh you’ll be fine’ because that translates to ‘your feelings are wrong or unimportant’. Let them know that you understand, that you want to help them feel better, and talk about ways you can help them accept and deal with those feelings.
  10. Don’t let the summer adventures end! The end of summer can feel kind of depressing for everyone. It feels like all the fun is over, but it doesn’t have to be! Plan a family fall bucket list, and get excited about all of the fun adventures you can have together on the upcoming weekends.

In our next post, we will be sharing our fall family bucket list! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and we will share as soon as its been posted on the blog!